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@Gadbad | This is Sumesh

Hey guy's I hope you all are safe & staying at your home,We will do our best to keep you entertaining in this pandemic also. So if guys enjoyed this video then must do like, share & comment on the video & yeah don't forget to subscribe the channel & press the bell icon as well.
See you soon with the next comedy bunch 😉.

Greesh Bhatt
Radhika Sharma
Dishant Gandhi
gourav goyal

Written By :- Sumesh, Lovedeep

D.O.P :- Jatin Bansal

AD :- Chirag

Editing :- Chirag, Sumesh

Colours :- Gaurav Vadhera

Vfx by :- Shrinay chhallani

Spot :- Vishal

Art Work on set :- Team Sumesh

Thumbnail Art :- Vishal Rana (PHOENIX)

Voice over credits :- Lovedeep Kumar

Produced by - Sumesh

Executive Producer :- Poonam Raheja

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Facebook: officialthis...
Instagram: this_is_sumesh


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    Omm Krishna jena / OD SK status king
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      This is sumesh
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